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  • October 3, 2023

Voted 2023 Best Tree Service by The Prince William Times

Freedom Tree Service, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been awarded the 2023 Best Tree Service Award by The Prince William Times. The award is a testimony to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and relationship building with our amazing clientele. The accolade is not merely a recognition of our adeptness in […]

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  • January 26, 2022

Dealing With Lightning Protection and Tree Care

You may not think of lighting protection among your potential tree services; until, that is, your trees are struck by lightning. This occurs more often than many realize; the Scientific American report that 830 million trees are struck by lightning per year. Typically, when a tree is struck by lightning, it is damaged and may […]

tree services
  • January 4, 2022

Lightning Protection — Tree Care

When the rainy season comes, it can result in a healthier landscape. But if you have trees on your property, it can also cause damage to your trees through lightning strikes. That’s why it’s important to secure a lightning protection system for your trees. But, before you do that, here’s everything you need to know […]

health of your trees
  • January 4, 2022

Are Your Trees Prepared for Winter?

Trees and other plants on your property should be kept healthy throughout the year. Well-maintained shrubs and trees can increase the value of a property by 14%. Trees particularly need proper preparation before winter to remain healthy during cold weather. Here are five tips to prepare your trees for winter. 1. Watering Watering is significant […]

crown thinning
  • December 2, 2021

Top Benefits of Tree Crown Thinning

Trees play a very important role in a home, such as providing shade and enhancing energy efficiency. Trees properly planted around structures can lessen air conditioning needs by 30% and can lessen 20-50% of the energy used in heating. Trees should be cared for properly, given their importance. Crown thinning is a common method you […]

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  • December 2, 2021

The Importance of Removing Dead Trees

Trees are a great addition to the landscape of your home. They can increase the value of your house. You may see an increase in the value of your home by three to 15% simply by adding large trees. While live trees are a great addition to your yard, dead trees may be harmful to […]

tree pruning
  • October 26, 2021

6 Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Trees are essential in your home. They will provide you with shade, reduce air pollution, and increase your property’s value. One large tree can supply oxygen for up to four people in a day. It would be best if you cared for your trees throughout the year to make your landscape beautiful at all times. […]

tree removal service
  • October 26, 2021

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Removal Service

If you’re looking for a tree removal service, it’s important to go through the hundreds of options available and pick the best one from among them. This is because tree removal is a serious task that needs the utmost care to avoid injuries to people and damage to property. Have a look at four important […]

dead trees
  • September 28, 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Remove Dead Trees

Although homes that have large trees along streets can see an increase in a home’s value between 3% and 15%, they are only beneficial if they are strong and healthy. Dead and dying trees can be more of a liability and a hazard than a benefit, and there are a lot of reasons to have […]

annual tree inspection
  • September 24, 2021

The Importance of Having an Annual Tree Inspection

Tragically, the first death caused by Hurricane Ida’s landfall in Louisiana occurred due to a falling tree. Notably, 100 deaths happen when trees fall every year, and that figure does not include all the other injuries and accidents they cause. Scheduling an annual tree inspection helps prevent those unnecessary deaths while protecting your home and […]

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