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Trees are essential in your home. They will provide you with shade, reduce air pollution, and increase your property’s value. One large tree can supply oxygen for up to four people in a day. It would be best if you cared for your trees throughout the year to make your landscape beautiful at all times. From tree pruning to trimming, anytime is a perfect time to look after your trees. The following are six tips to keep your trees healthy.

1. Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

This is the first and most apparent surefire tip to keep your trees healthy. Choose a tree species that is well adapted to your area’s climate and soil condition. Plant your trees in a place that will get enough sunlight. Don’t plant them near power lines or your house.

2. Conduct Proper Irrigation

You should water your trees regularly during periods of drought if you want them to be healthy. New trees need at least five gallons of water every week. Mature trees require one inch of water every week. It is advisable to use soil basins or drip irrigation to water your trees.

3. Fertilize Your Trees

Fertilize your trees to keep them healthy. Young trees need occasional fertilization until they are mature. Fertilize mature trees if they have yellow foliage or stunted growth. Call professionals to conduct a soil test to confirm the exact nutrients your trees want before you fertilize them.

4. Prune Your Trees

Pruning enhances your trees’ strength and structure. Proper pruning involves removing entire limbs at their origin. Prune your trees during the dormant season. Prune small, diseased, dead, or damaged branches.

5. Mulch Your Trees

Mulching is also important in making your trees healthy. Add about 2 inches of organic mulch at the bottom of your trees. Mulching conserves soil moisture, improves soil nutrient status, reduces soil erosion, and eliminates the residual effects of fertilizers and pesticides. Replace your mulches regularly.

6. Conduct Pest Inspections

Pests like aphids and caterpillars can cause severe damage to your trees. Conduct pest inspections regularly throughout the year. Look for any signs of pests or diseases. The inspection will allow you to deal with pests before they pulverize your trees.

Start taking care of your trees with the tips provided in this article to keep them healthy. Proper irrigation, fertilization, tree pruning, mulching, and pest inspection are simple yet effective ways to make your trees healthy. Contact professionals to provide you with tree care services if you need any help.

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