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Annual Tree Inspection


Our annual tree inspection has proven to be a popular addition to our array of services. This involves scheduling an appointment to evaluate the health of your trees. First, we check for any hazardous situations such as broken, hanging limbs; dead trees; trees with hollow spots; trees with an excessive lean toward the house; large, dead limbs over the house or high traffic area; vertical or horizontal cracks on trunks; etc. Then we look for situations where the health of the trees and/or property is in jeopardy: these include the crown growing too thick; presence of disease or insects; limbs touching house; large rubbing branches; proper height of privacy screen; etc. We will also offer some pruning suggestions of an overall turf/tree balance.

Why have an annual tree inspection? The two primary answers are safety and tree health. A lot can happen to your trees in the course of a year. Storm damage can be obvious or hidden. A tree that is showing signs of poor health can often be treated if the problem is caught at an early stage. We remove many dead trees that would have survived with early detection and treatment (healthy prune, deep root fertilization, vertical mulching, etc.) We also are called to jobs where property damage could have been avoided if the trees had been properly cared for.

The cost of this annual tree inspection service is $100. If any tree care is proposed and accepted by you, this $100 will be deducted from the estimate.

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