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A tree that grows in the middle of a yard with well-kept turf up to the base of its trunk has several strikes against it.

Problem #1:  Soil Compaction

Roots have a hard time growing in compacted soil that has limited spore space which holds air and water.  Soil is compacted from construction equipment, vehicle, lawn mowers, continual foot/play traffic, etc.  Compacted soil can also lead to more visible surface roots.

Problem #2:  Grass Root Competition

Water and fertilizer have to pass through the grass roots before reaching the tree roots.

Problem #3:  Lack of Organic Matter in the Soil

Rotting leaves and wood provide many benefits to a trees root system.  The biggest benefit is natural fertilization.  However, in most yards when leaves fall they are removed before they can benefit the soil.

Wood Chips Mulch

Adding a 2” – 4” layer of decomposing wood chips over the root zone of your tree is extremely healthy for your tree.  Some  benefits:  retains water, removes grass root competition, keeps lawn mowers/weed trimmers from damaging the trunk and adds natural fertilizer, organic matter and microbiological life to the soil as it decomposes.  NEVER allow mulch to cover the actual trunk of the tree—this can lead to collar rot and girdling roots.  (Watch your landscapers!)  If you have trees that have mulch and/or soil that covers the root flare of the trunk, we can excavate the collar and inspect for girdling roots.

Forest Floor Mix

Freedom Tree Service has developed our own mulch to be used around trees.  It is called the Forest Floor Mix because it is essentially what a tree would get in the woods—decomposing wood chips with some aged manure (from the farm) added to it.  Forest Floor Mix is 100% natural and organic with no artificial colors or chemicals added to it.

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