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Trees play a very important role in a home, such as providing shade and enhancing energy efficiency. Trees properly planted around structures can lessen air conditioning needs by 30% and can lessen 20-50% of the energy used in heating. Trees should be cared for properly, given their importance. Crown thinning is a common method you can use to take care of trees. It involves the selective removal of stems and branches to enhance light penetration and air movement throughout a tree’s crown. Here are the top benefits of tree crown thinning.

1. Shaping

The first benefit of crown thinning is controlling the shape of your tree. You can remove branches with poor structural strength, those grown too close to each other, and those with v-shaped angles. Removing poorly grown branches will properly shape your tree. Properly shaped trees will improve your landscape appearance.

2. Increased Light Penetration

A healthy tree can become bushy and overcrowded when supplied with enough water and nutrients. Bushy and overcrowded leaves and branches can compete with one another for light and nutrients. Removing excess branches will promote light penetration. The remaining branches will become healthy, and so will the entire tree.

3. Eliminate Damaged or Infected Branches

Insects and diseases can inhabit a tree with overcrowded branches and leaves. Crown thinning is significant in eliminating damaged or infected branches, thus preventing the spread of infection. It also allows you to remove deadwood, allowing the tree to grow without any issues.

4. Increased Yields

For trees that are grown to produce fruits and flowers, crown thinning is crucial in increasing yields. The increased yields contribute to the combined benefits of increasing light penetration, reducing infected parts, and reducing overcrowding. Thin your trees earlier to enjoy high yields in the next harvesting season.

5. Protection From Wind and Storms

Crown thinning protects a tree from strong winds and storms. Strong winds and storms can damage an overgrown tree. A falling tree can cause significant damage to your home if it’s big. Protect your trees from damage by wind and storms by thinning them. A thinner tree allows air to pass through it, making it resistant to wind and storm damage.

Taking good care of trees by thinning them is vital in making them healthier. Although it’s more expensive than tree pruning, crown thinning will provide your trees with multiple benefits. Contact crown thinning experts today if you want to thin your trees or have any questions concerning crown pruning.

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