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Trees are a great addition to the landscape of your home. They can increase the value of your house. You may see an increase in the value of your home by three to 15% simply by adding large trees. While live trees are a great addition to your yard, dead trees may be harmful to the landscape. If you think you have a dead tree, you may require the assistance of professional tree services. Here are some reasons why you should contact professional tree services to remove a dead tree.

Takes Away From Natural Beauty

Dead trees are not pretty. You want your yard to be appealing, and a dead tree is not. Dead tree branches fall down and the bark peels. There is no way to hide a dead tree that’s in your yard. Not only does it impact the way your house looks, but also the value of your house.

Harmful to Other Trees

If the tree was killed by disease, that could impact other trees in your yard. These types of diseases are contagious and can kill other trees too. Mold can develop in a tree and ruin everything in your yard. You’ll want to contact tree services quickly.

Attractive to Pests

Ants, termites, and other wood insects love dead trees. These insects look for dead trees in which to live and reproduce quickly. This allows them to spread and infect other trees. Other animals will begin to find the dead tree and live there. After they live in your tree, it will not be long before they move into your house.

Dead Trees Are Weak

Dead trees can fall because their roots no longer support them. They can fall at any time and in any direction. One could land on the house, your car, a neighbor’s house, or somewhere else on your property. It can injure someone or cause significant damage. You will be responsible for the damages the tree causes. You should contact tree services to assess any tree you think is dead and get them removed before it’s too late.

These are just some of the reasons to get dead trees removed from your property. From causing damage to your property to even being a danger, you will want to contact professional tree services right away.

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