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Trees and other plants on your property should be kept healthy throughout the year. Well-maintained shrubs and trees can increase the value of a property by 14%. Trees particularly need proper preparation before winter to remain healthy during cold weather. Here are five tips to prepare your trees for winter.

1. Watering

Watering is significant in promoting the health of your trees during winter. Give your trees enough water during fall and winter draughts. Water insulates plants making them resistant to cold damage. Water will also keep the soil warm and protect your roots.

2. Add Mulch

Mulching helps trees to retain moisture and reduces the effects of extreme temperatures on soil during cold months. Adding mulch will enhance the health of your trees and soil. As a rule of thumb, you should add three inches of mulch around the base of your trees in late fall or early winter.

3. Add Fertilizer

Soil tends to lose some of its nutrients during winter. Adequately fertilizing your trees during fall and early winter will keep your trees healthy throughout winter. It would help to conduct a soil test to determine which nutrients are lacking to apply the right type and amount of fertilizer.

4. Wrap Trees

Sun scald is common during winter. It refers to the freezing of tree bark due to high temperatures during winter. It would be best to wrap the trunks and branches of your trees with an appropriate tree wrap to protect them against sun scald. The wrap will also insulate your trees against the cold. You can use light-colored fabric if you cannot access a commercial tree wrap.

5. Prune and Clean Up

Heavy snow can settle on your branches and damage your trees. Pruning, which involves cutting off dead or dying branches, is essential in protecting and maintaining the health of your trees throughout the cold months.

Additionally, cleaning up your yard after pruning is significant in preparing your trees for winter. Remove dead or infected trees and branches from your yard. Also, get rid of other unwanted plants growing in your yard. Clean up leaves and rake away thatch. You can contact professionals to help you with pruning and cleaning.

Conducting these five tree maintenance activities will prepare your trees for winter. Contact tree service professionals today if you need help improving the health of your trees. You can also ask the professionals any questions you might have about your trees.

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