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You may not think of lighting protection among your potential tree services; until, that is, your trees are struck by lightning. This occurs more often than many realize; the Scientific American report that 830 million trees are struck by lightning per year. Typically, when a tree is struck by lightning, it is damaged and may even be killed. Not only can this create an unsightly problem in your yard, it can also be dangerous. A tree struck by lightning could crack and break down at the time of the strike. It could also dry over time, with branches breaking later on. If the tree is too close to your house or any surrounding people, this could cause severe damage, injury, or even death.

Therefore, you must invest in tree services that include lightning protection. But the question is, how do those services work?

How Does Lighting Protection Work?

Typically, lightning protection is handled by tree services providers. Although there are different options to consider for lightning protection, one effective system involves copper conductors being connected to a ground rod. These copper conductors will essentially reduce tree damage by redirecting the lightning’s electrical charge. Rather than hitting the tree, the electricity will be moved into the earth, where it will disperse without harm. There is no guarantee that these systems will prevent trees from all lightning strikes, but typically lightning will be much less of a threat once they are put in place.

However, it should be noted that these are tree services. These lighting protection systems are not meant to protect humans walking among the trees. You should still stay under shelter during a lightning storm.

Which Trees Should Be Protected?

If you have a wide range of trees on your property, you may want to prioritize some over others. Typically, it’s recommended that trees at least 10 feet tall are good candidates for lightning protection systems. Not only will this protect those taller trees; it will also protect smaller trees surrounding them from significant damage, as lighting can potentially be redirected from one tree to another.

Trees in good health should be prioritized as well. Though you may hope for the best for unhealthy trees, they may not be worth protecting.

Look into lightning protection; its merits go beyond saving your trees.

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