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Although homes that have large trees along streets can see an increase in a home’s value between 3% and 15%, they are only beneficial if they are strong and healthy. Dead and dying trees can be more of a liability and a hazard than a benefit, and there are a lot of reasons to have them removed. If you need convincing, here are five reasons to keep in mind.

1. Dead Trees Are Perfect for Pests

If your tree is dead or dying, it can be a haven for pests. While it can attract birds, which can be nice to hear in the morning, it can also attract things like termites and rats, both of which you want to keep far away from your home.

2. Dead Trees Lower Curb Appeal

Dead trees just look bad, there is no getting around it. Because of this, they can lower curb appeal and even the value of your home, ruining the rest of your landscaping. If you’re trying to sell your home or are thinking about it in the future, you can expect to get less interest and less money unless you remove these eyesores first.

3. Diseased Trees Can Be Contagious

If your tree is dead or dying due to a disease, it can also be a liability to the other trees and plants around it. If not taken out soon enough, you may end up having all of your healthy plants infected by the same disease that killed your tree. This can increase the amount of work that needs to be done and require you to completely overhaul your landscaping to replace all of the dying plants.

4. Dead Branches Can Be a Hazard

Branches from dead trees are also frail and prone to breaking, even in conditions that aren’t windy. If they are over your home, your neighbor’s home, or any cars, this can be especially dangerous as the falling branches can cause damage or injury if someone is underneath them.

5. Dead Trees Can Fall

Lastly, aside from branches falling, there is also the risk that the entire dead tree can fall, especially in strong storms. Depending on how large the tree is, this can be especially dangerous for anyone around it.

If you have dead or dying trees on your property, don’t wait until this minor problem becomes a huge one. Remove your dead trees as soon as possible and consider planting new, healthy ones to replace them. This way, you can remove these hazards but still get the benefit of having trees on your property.

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