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Freedom Tree Service offers free estimates, and also provides emergency service if needed. As expected, we are licensed and insured.

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Freedom Tree Service provides other services besides tree services. Firewood, mulching, and more!

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January 26, 2022

Dealing With Lightning Protection and Tree Care

You may not think of lighting protection among your potential tree services; until, that is, your trees are struck by lightning. This occurs more often than many realize; the Scientific American report that 830 million trees are struck by lightning per year. Typically, when a tree is struck by lightning, it is damaged and may […]

January 4, 2022

Lightning Protection — Tree Care

When the rainy season comes, it can result in a healthier landscape. But if you have trees on your property, it can also cause damage to your trees through lightning strikes. That’s why it’s important to secure a lightning protection system for your trees. But, before you do that, here’s everything you need to know […]

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