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If you have a lot of trees in your yard, you need to protect them from lightning. According to the Scientific American, about 830 million trees are struck by lightning each year. The best way to ensure that your trees are not struck by lightning is to install lightning protection for trees. Let’s take a look at what lightning protection for trees is and how it works.

What Is Lightning Protection for Trees?

Lightning protection for trees is a technique that protects trees from being struck by lightning. The technique employs the same principle as lightning protection for buildings. However, most people do not understand how this system works. Unlike what people think, this method does not attract lighting or prevent it from happening. Instead, lightning protection for trees intercepts lightning bolts before they near the ground, and it harmlessly channels them into the ground without them causing harm to the tree.

Will a Lightning Protection System Protect My House?

Unfortunately, lightning protection for trees does not protect houses. There are separate systems for houses, and they should be installed separately. If you are interested in knowing more about lightning protection for houses, you can talk to your tree removal services when they install lightning protection for your trees. However, it is possible to find a way to link the two systems, especially if the tree is close to the house. If you have any trees that are too close to your house, you might need to hire tree removal services and get them removed so you can protect your property.

How Many Years Does Lightning Protection Last?

A lightning protection system can last a long time, typically around 30 to 50 years with proper installation and maintenance. Maintenance is essential to ensure that your lightning protection system continues to work properly to protect your trees. This is especially necessary if you have a historic tree on your property.

Many property owners choose to have a lightning protection system installed on their property to protect their trees in an effort to reduce the risk of their trees falling. Are you interested in learning more about lightning protection systems for your trees? Contact us today at Freedom Tree Service for more information.

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