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Pruning trees and shrubs require knowledge and expertise. Unless you are an experienced gardener, it is better to hire a tree service to prune your shrubs and trees in your yard or for your business. The staff at tree services are trained and licensed to do the job safely and correctly. They have professional equipment for the job, such as trucks, cranes, wood chippers, and grinders. Well-maintained shrubs and trees can increase the value of property by about 14%.

Why Trees Need Regular Pruning

When you grow a tree it needs pruning to maintain its structure and balance. Branches that are diseased or blocking signs or movement need to be removed and discarded properly. You need to keep the branches from growing into power lines, homes, or buildings. It is important to remove branches before they fall and injure someone. A trained professional will know how to prune and care for a variety of different trees and can remove branches or trees that become a safety hazard.

Types of Pruning Our Tree Service Can Perform

Selective pruning to reduce the number of dead or diseased branches on a tree is done to keep the disease from spreading. It is also used to keep branches from falling or becoming a safety hazard. It is sometimes called cleaning because healthy live branches are not removed from the tree. Crown thinning is another method to reduce the density of live branches at the edges of the crown. This increases sunlight and air movement around the tree.

Crown raising removes the lower branches of a tree to make more room for buildings, vehicles, and pedestrians. Selective pruning is used to decrease the height and the spread of branches. The American National Standard Institute has a set of guidelines and equipment that should be used by tree services.

Facts About Tree Pruning

Trees can be pruned all year round and all types should be pruned at least once a year. Fruit trees should be pruned regularly to remove diseased fruit, branches, and wood. They are often sold for 2 years and should be pruned when they are planted. A professional can trim the tree to give it more sunlight and the ability to grow well. A professional tree service will know how to properly prune different types of fruit trees so they remain healthy. Another time to call your local tree services is when you have a winter or summer storm that damages your trees. They can remove branches or fallen trees safely.

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