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Scheduling an annual tree inspection can limit damage to your property and save you time and money. There are a few signs that you can look for that will tell you about the health of your trees. Some indicators that a tree is in distress can be leaf discoloration or stump rotting. Some of these signs are harder to spot than others and require professional service to see.


If leaves are spotted, deformed, or dead, it is important to act quickly to prevent further damage. This can mean that there is a diseased leaf or other issues. The growth of the leaves can be stunted and slow down. It can also be discolored from the other leaves, be a yellow or brown color, or have powdery spots. Infected leaves eventually drop, but tree pruning services will also maintain dying leaves and branches.

The Trunk

This is an easy-to-spot sign that you may have dead trees. During your tree inspection, the professionals will check to see if the trunk is rotted or has mushrooms growing on it or in cavities. Dead trees will usually become visible at the trunk, and eventually weaken the rest of the tree. It is also a sign your tree is in distress when shards of bark fragment off of the tree.

Parts of The Tree Begin to Die

Your tree could start to die in little portions. This can be from a number of variables. This is common for older trees, and is usually a sign you need a tree removal service. Dead trees are a huge risk to the safety of others and your property. The value of your property can increase up to 14% when you take preventative actions like getting annual inspections and keeping your shrubs and trees well-maintained.

Annual Tree Inspections To The Rescue

Much like getting yearly car inspections, scheduling tree inspections can help prevent damage to your property and other liabilities from dying or dead trees. While you should use these tips to spot signs of a distressed tree, it’s important to contact a professional when you have questions or concerns.

Some signs that a tree is in distress can be harder to spot than others. The best way to prevent damage to your house and others is by scheduling an annual tree inspection so that a professional can deeply inspect the tree. To the untrained eye, distressed or dead trees can look healthy.

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