Organic Lump Charcoal and Wood Chunks from Northern Virginia Trees

100% Natural Lump Charcoal for Grilling

Pile of charcoal

Recycled from local Northern Virginia hardwood trees. Made in-house which are free of chemicals, fillers, binders, and other impurities. Benefits of lump charcoal is it lights faster, burns hotter, and leaves very little ash compared to briquettes. Lump charcoal is also more responsive to oxygen, making it easier to control the fire’s temperature if your grill has adjustable air vents.


Freedom Tree’s Wood Chunk Options for Smoking:

  • Hickory: Strong flavor to just about all meat cuts, but it’s especially popular with pork and ribs.
  • Cherry: Sweet mild, fruity flavor that is a good match for all meats.
  • Apple: Very mild with a subtle sweet, fruity flavor. This smoking wood is ideal for poultry, beef, pork (especially ham), game birds, lamb and some seafood.
  • Oak: Medium smoky flavor that is stronger than apple and cherry, but lighter than hickory and mesquite. It’s great by itself, but works well blended with apple, cherry or hickory woods. Oak works well with just about any meat.
  • Pear:  Smokes a light sweet and fruity flavor that works great with pork, poultry and small game birds.
  • Maple: Mild and slightly sweet flavor. Use maple wood with poultry and small game birds.
  • Walnut: Strong and slightly bitter flavor. Use walnut wood when grilling red meats, and game.
  • Ash: Light, unique flavor. This wood burns fast.

Information concerning flavor profiles comes from: and

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